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WARNING: This video is not for the faint of heart. It shows a driver intentionally plowing down a group of cyclists riding on Critical Mass in Porto Alegre, Brazil last Friday evening.

No matter what your opinion is on Critical Mass rides, it should never ever EVER come down to this. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by this outrageous act of violence.

Find more details on what happened at The Urban Country.

I’m shaking from crying over this.

This absolutely disgusting and tragic. How could one human being be so cruel? I can’t even fathom this.

..And then I begin to think of all the other injustices around the world. 

I need to make a difference. WE need to make a difference.

Please spread the word about this. Hopefully the police will recognize just how horrible of a crime that was. 

He should be shot and Hanged!

(Source: ridetheblackline)

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    what the fuckk o.o
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    saw this on the news today. screwed up. the fucker should really get a life sentence or something. i mean, obviously...
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    He should be shot and Hanged!
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    That dude is beyond fucked up. I don’t see how anyone could deliberately injure people without feeling an ounce of...
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    "What did they do to my wife?"
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    Bulllllshit damn that’s crazy
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    sick man
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    …I don’t really know what to say. heartbreaking.
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    this is so fucked up
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    This is wrong and tragic… absolutely horrifying to watch. I think everyone knows by now that I do not support Critical...
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    This is just horrible. I can’t imagine what I would do if I witnessed this.
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    Such a tragedy, we should not only share the road, but this world as well.
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    This is straight up fuct up.
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    Please repost even if you don’t know me or care about my posts. Watch with caution. This is exactly why I carry some...
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    What… The… Fuck..
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    oh my god… i’m speechless…
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    I hope this guy dies a horrible death
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    no manches ¿que onda con eso……..
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    That’s fucked up. This guy wasn’t just pissed with road rage. He just wanted to kill people. They know who he is.. Just...
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